Music suggestions for a wedding

Music suggestions for a wedding

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The Church keeps no official list of “approved” wedding music, but it does offer some helpful guidelines that can be applied to your choice of wedding music. In a nutshell, the Church says that good liturgical music helps the whole assembly celebrate the liturgy (in this case, your wedding) more fully. The church encourages the choice from sacred and classical music, and the following websites may provide some guidance:

Specific songs:

The Church strongly discourages the use of recorded music during the liturgy, including during wedding liturgies. Recorded music should only be used when no musicians are available for the wedding. The whole wedding, including the music, is a prayer, and an essential element of any prayer is that it comes from the person who is offering it. Imagine using a CD or tape recording to replace a spoken prayer, like the Lord's Prayer — it just wouldn't be the same as saying it yourself. The same reasoning applies to musical prayer.

Last modified: 31 October 2019

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