01C – 9 Jan 2022

01C – 9 Jan 2022

Invited into intimate love

Message by: Fr Richard M Healey

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Baptism of Jesus

  • We transition today with a feast that both closes the Season of Christmas, and launches us into the new season of the year
  • In the Baptism, all of the Gospel accounts agree that this was the moment when the adult Jesus begins his public ministry.
  • Jesus spent the first 90% of his life growing in wisdom & love

⇒ The readings focus on the tender compassion of God. “You are my Son, the One I love; my heart delights in you.”

  • Jesus knew intimately the tender love of the Father.
  • This situation is unique – but he opens the way for our own experience of God’s tender love, because we each have the capacity for love, and for God.
  • We also need to be baptised with fire from the holy Spirit.
  • We have impurities in our lives that need to be burned away. Our desire is for our hearts to be aflame with pure love.
  • God desires to bring salvation to all people. Like Simeon we need to embrace Jesus and celebrate that at last salvation is now available for everyone.
  • We must embrace Jesus and allow God to embrace us through him.
  • Be zealous in doing good deeds. What is our source for good deeds? God, not us!

Isaiah 40:1-5.9-11; Titus 2:11-14; 3:4-7; Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

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