Jesus set his face

Sunday 13 in Year C.
Patronal Feast of the Diocese of Wollongong: The Immaculate Heart of Mary

First Reading ‡ 1 Kings 19:16.19-21
Elisha rose and followed Elijah and became his servant.

Responsorial ‡ Psalm 15:1-2.5.7-11
You are my inheritance, O Lord.

Second Reading ‡ Galatians 5:1.13-18
My brothers, you were called to freedom.

Gospel ‡ Luke 9:51-62
Jesus resolutely set his face towards Jerusalem. I will follow you wherever you will go.

This line in the Gospel of Luke (9:51) marks a definitive break – a movement from the simple and fruitful ministry in Galilee to the beginning of a road trip that will take the next 11 chapters to unfold.

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