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This Sunday is Sunday of the Word of God (celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday in February), where Pope Francis invites the whole Church to encounter God and get to know Jesus through reading the Word. The Bible is not an easy read. It contains many different styles, including narrative/story, poetry and discourse. It was written over more than a millennium, by dozens of authors, in different ancient languages in a vastly different context and culture. Yet it remains the best access that we have to knowing Jesus – for it is a unified story that lead us to Jesus.

Our readings today are great examples. The first from early in the book of Job provides Job’s reply to his three “so-called” friends. It is a grim account, yet profoundly realistic. There are times when life does suck! The last year has demonstrated this very clearly. It is important to have the opportunity to lament. Individually and communally.

Gospel: Concludes the day in the Sabbath life of Jesus. There are more cures. He raised Peter’s mother-in-law. Same word as when God raised Jesus. She serves (diakonia = deacon). After sunset, even more come crowding to the door of the house where Jesus is staying, because the Sabbath has now concluded, and it is Sunday.

Prayer is crucial. Focus. Proclaim the kingdom.

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Sunday 05, Year B. Mark 1:29-39.

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