Vapour, riches and hell

We have in today’s Gospel one of only two times in the parables of Jesus when he describes some action committed by a person that it deserves only one judgement – death. Like the other story (the rich man and Lazarus, also in the gospel of Luke, 16:19-31) the cause of this terrible judgement is not because the person has broken one of the ten commandments, but because of an incredible greed and a selfish disregard for the needs of the poor. This view is reinforced by the selection of the first reading – the interminably depressed writings of Qoheleth (also called Ecclesiastes, from the Greek translation) who at the end of a life filled with riches and pleasure, knows that all of these things are mere vapour (‘hebel’) – meaningless vanity. So where do we find our hope?

Recorded at St John Vianney, 8.30am (7’08”)

18th Sunday (Year C): Luke 12:13-21 & Qoh 1:2, 2:21-23

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