Wheat and weeds in the shining sun

How many times have we heard something described as an ‘act of God’ or a disaster of biblical proportions, and wondered in our hearts – if God is indeed all-loving and all-powerful – then where is he in these times? Why doesn’t he step in and prevent these disasters? Why do we see such powerful signs of evil in the world?

The parables that Jesus tells in today’s Gospel begin to answer these questions. The wheat and the weeds in the field do grow together; good and bad are not separated by nations or religions – both are present in the world and both are present in our hearts. Our call is to recognise that there will be a judgement day and there will be a separation – the weeds will be gathered and burnt; but the wheat will be the righteous who will shine like the sun in the kingdom of the Father.

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Recorded at Mater Dolorosa, 10am (9’59”)

Sunday 16A. Matthew 13

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