A blessing to open a meeting

May God,
Who is the source of all blessings and all that is blessed,
be a part of this gathering
at its beginning and at its end
and during all the time in between.

May God’s Holy Spirit guide us in all that is discerned
and decided here.

May the Spirit inspire us with words that say all that they mean
yet fall gently on the ears of all gathered here.

May God bless us with the ability to speak with integrity
and to work with uncompromising diligence.

May God help us focus on what truly matters
and give us the insight to discern what is right.

May God fill our hearts with love
and may that love determine the course we take
and shape all our interactions.

May God give us
Wisdom to make good decisions,
Courage to take the necessary risks,
Unshakeable hope to maintain a steadfast Spirit,
Good humour to keep things in perspective,
and deep trust so that as we risk,
we remain grounded in God.

May God bless us with the personal joy of knowing
that we have acted out of love,
that we have done our best,
and that we have served God with all our hearts.


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