Big dreams and promises

In our final Advent Sunday, the magnificent prophecies from the book of Isaiah turn with a very specific promise made to a very specific king – the young man Ahaz (only 20 in 735BCE) who finds himself hemmed in from every side by enemies. He doesn’t know where to turn and is most likely quite justified in his depression, when the Lord himself comes to him with a most extraordinary request – ask me for a sign. And no ordinary small one – as deep as Sheol or as high as the heavens. But Ahaz demonstrates a lack of imagination when he feigns humility and piety by saying it isn’t right to put the Lord to the test. A strange response when it is the Lord who made the request. Listen to hear the rest of the story and how it connects with the Gospel from Matthew.

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Advent 4A. Isaiah 7:10-14; Matthew 1:18-24
Recorded at SJV, 6pm and 8.30am (9’25”) with ‘Waiting for the Child’ by Michael Mangan.

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