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mountzionThe first image that we are presented with on this first Sunday in the season of Advent and the new Year of Matthew is from chapter 2 of the Prophet Isaiah. All the nations are streaming up to Mount Zion – but rather than the historical reality of the armies of the surrounding nations laying siege upon the city of Jerusalem, the vision that Isaiah receives is of the nations bringing their spears and swords but allowing these instruments of war to be transformed into instruments of productivity and creativity. It is a reminder for us during this crazy time of the year to also allow time to make this journey to the mountain of the Lord, and to make sabbath time to rest in the Lord. A good way to test if we are finding time in our lives for the things that really matter is to consider if we are doing things that share in things that delight, connect or allow us to worship.

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Recorded at St Paul’s, 10am (6’36”)

Advent, Sunday 1, Year A

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