More than enough life

Easter, Sunday 4, Year A.

One of my pet peeves are the shallow stereotypes that abound around ideas of “What does it mean to be a Christian?”

Tight-laced, Straight. Goody 2 shoes. Narrow. Conservative. Anti-Environment. Homophobic. Backward. It is really hard to live well against this.

I’m sure you faced this often enough when you share that you are Catholic, you go to Mass, or you mention your stance on a particular moral issue.

Christian stereotype – elements of truth + false.

In the gospel today we get such a rich image of Jesus loving us into life. Good Shepherd, Gate. Voice.

What voice do you listen to? Is it the voice of the thief, that only tries to steal, and kill, or destroy?

Is it the voice of life promising that there is MORE THAN THIS?

Is it the voice that calls us into abundant life?

Imagine a world – our local community – where we spend quality time listening to the voice of our Shepherd – The voice of life. The voice of love.

What would that be like? How would that change the stereotypes?

Prayer – take time each day this week. listen to the voice of Jesus calling us into life + love.

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