Advent Hope

Advent – Welcome!

From the Greek word “parousia”, meaning arrival or coming: ready or not!

4 full weeks this year with Christmas on a Sunday. The longest it can be. Next year, with Christmas on a Monday, it is the shortest (3 weeks and 1 day). Won’t have Christmas on a Sunday again until 2033. Another quirk of 2023, is that we will have some of each 34 weeks in Ordinary Time, which is also uncommon.

Covid – a year ago emerging from Lockdown

Dreamed + hoped for the best. 200k cases a year ago. Now we have 10.6m cases in Australia (40%) Most recent serology test suggest the actual occurrence within the Australian population is 67%, or 18-20m cases.

Jesus mentions the great flood in the days of Noah. This year, we have had widespread floods along the East coast. Eugowra only about 10% of houses were designated as high risk yet 90% of houses damaged.

1% insurance premium (of the property’s worth designates it as uninsurable).

Mass Violence + hatred. Today Ukraine honours and remembers the millions dead under Stalin in 1932-33.

  • End of year – beginning of the year
  • Black Friday > Cyber Monday > Christmas = Rush
  • We need Advent.
  • Longing for more.
  • The coming of Jesus
  • Turn away from sin – turn towards him.
  • Advent reveals a lack – our emptiness that no shopping spree or feasting will fix.
  • Advent purifies + elevates our hope.
  • Clears out idols + prepares for Jesus.

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