Invitation to Paradise

The Solemnity of Jesus the Christ, the King of the Universe

First Reading ‡ 2 Samuel 5:1-3

They anointed David king of Israel.

Responsorial ‡ Psalm 121:1-5

Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord.

Second Reading ‡ Colossians 1:12-20

He has taken us into the kingdom of his beloved Son.

Gospel ‡ Luke 23:35-43

Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom.


Luke 23 – You will be with me in paradise.

Greek pardisos → a loan word from Persian pardes , Hebrew word gan ⇒ They all mean Garden (Eden)

When is Paradise?

The distant past or now or immediate future or eternal future? Yes!

Where is Paradise?

In a field (Genesis 28), or on a Greek Island (Rev 1)? In a house by a foreign river during Exile (Ezekiel 8)? Or right here and now? Yes!

2 Cor 12 (Caught up into 3rd heaven/paradise)

Luke 9 (Transfiguration)

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