Invited to mission

  • Each of the Gospels begins with the baptism of Jesus – launches his public ministry (next week)
  • Each has an overture – like a piece of music that introduces us to mood and main themes.
  • Matthew is no different. 2 chapters that situate the action of his genealogy and birth. He wrote his gospel after Mark, in Syrian Antioch just after the fall of Jerusalem (70 CE).
  • Antioch is the place where the followers of Jesus were first called Christian.
  • Significance of Jesus can only be understood in the light of his thoroughly Jewish background – but not limited to Judaism.
  • Jesus is Emmanuel – Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • The Magi represent the gentile (non-Jewish) nations coming to Jesus. 
  • We come from many nations + background.
  • Our church is catholic. Our desire + aspiration is to be Catholic. Yet, we are broken. Not yet truly Catholic. We are wounded + divided + dysfunctional.
  • We can’t be at peace while divisions remain and our brothers + sisters don’t feel welcome.
  • We need to make room to welcome.
  • Like the Magi we bring our gifts: the gold (the best of us) is easy; the myrrh represents our darker and more broken tendencies – this is harder; the frankincense is our spiritual and prayer side.
  • New Year – let us make our desire during this year to be people of mission, who live friendship with God deeply and invite others into this friendship.

Epiphany Sunday (Year ABC). Matthew 2:1-12.

First Mass at St John the Evangelist Parish, Campbelltown.

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