Images of the Sacred Heart

Growing up our home was full of images of the Sacred Heart – not just in the lounge room but almost every bedroom also had a large image of the Sacred Heart. But many of the images can be somewhat … interesting.

This first image is similar to the images that I grew up with (except our almost always seemed to be in an oval frame).
This image is more modern, but still very physical and a hyper-realistic depiction of the heart of Jesus, complete with the crown of thorns, flames and cross.

This image is perhaps even more scary? Somehow the heart of Jesus is able to be held out and offered to us! A rather strange image in my humble opinion.

This image of Jesus comes not from the English or Irish traditions, but from the Spanish school of spirituality, which is content to feature the heart of Jesus in more symbolic ways. This is one of my favourite images of the Sacred Heart and expresses the authentic French spirituality powerfully as the risen Lord invites us to “Come unto me.” This was the image that I chose for my ordination six years ago.
Finally the fresco that is found in the Visitation Chapel in the town of Paray le Monial in the middle of France, which is where St Margaret Mary received the apparitions of the Sacred Heart. This image firmly connects the devotion to the heart of Jesus with the crucifixion as Jesus opens his arms and heart to all people and declares: “Behold the heart that has loved [us] so much…”
Recorded at St Paul’s, Camden, at a whole school liturgy with children from St Justin’s.
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