Why oil matters

12 November 2023

Year A

A Night in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre An Unforgettable Sabbatical in Jerusalem In 2017, I embarked on a sabbatical that led me to the heart of Jerusalem, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This journey was not just a physical one, but a spiritual exploration that left an indelible mark on my…

Living with Integrity

6 November 2023

Year A

Embracing Integrity and Grace: A Reflection on Christianity and Spirituality A Personal Journey into the Heart of Faith Last night I attended the engagement celebration for my niece in Nowra. As a deacon and assistant priest in the church, I had the honour of being closely acquainted with the groom’s family. This experience, along with…

Love God, love self, love others

29 October 2023

Year A

The Intersection of Love, Justice, and Personal Annoyances The Annoyances of Life and the Call for Justice I found myself reflecting on the various things that annoy me, such as people not adhering to traffic rules. It’s a common enough grievance, but it led me to a deeper conversation about the importance of justice and…

Giving God all

22 October 2023

Year A

Surrendering to God’s Will: A Personal Reflection on Giving All to Him The Tax System in First Century Israel and the Background to the Gospel In the first century in Israel, the tax system was a significant aspect of daily life. Taxes were imposed by the Roman Empire, and the collection process was often met…

Come to the Feast

15 October 2023

Year A

Embracing Celebration: A Reflection on Weddings, Invitations, and God’s Love The Unconventional Wedding of Sarah Wilkinson I recently delved into a fascinating news article about a woman named Sarah Wilkinson. Sarah made the bold decision to proceed with her wedding, despite not having a partner. This unconventional choice sparked a discussion about the potential disappointment…

Fruitful Vineyard

8 October 2023

Year A

Reflecting on Love, Grief, Loss, and Justice: A Journey Through Poetry, Prophecy, and Gospel Today’s sermon was a deep dive into the themes of love, grief, loss, and justice, as portrayed in love poetry, the writings of the prophet Isaiah, the psalm, and the gospel.  Love Poetry and the Prophet Isaiah: A Tale of Grief…

Having a disciple’s mind

1 October 2023

Year A

In this message, Fr Richard Healey reflects on a theatre production they attended and draws parallels between the unity and synchronisation of the production and the desired unity within the church. They discuss the importance of actions aligning with beliefs, referencing the two sons in the gospel. The speaker then references a poem or song…

Grumbling Generosity

24 September 2023

Year A

“God is generous and God will pour himself out as much as we are able to receive. And our lives are about growing in that capacity to be able to be used and to receive the goodness of God.” Fr Richard Healey So many of us have a whole mix of memories from our childhood,…

Forgiving Flow

17 September 2023

Year A

“The only way to let go is the way of mercy, the way of forgiveness, the way that doesn’t say that it didn’t matter, that thing is not significant. Yes, it happened and it was crucial and it was awful, but still from my side of the street, I have that obligation to let it…

Community and Mercy

10 September 2023

Year A

The Power of Compassion in Conflict Resolution Today we reflect on a topic that is often overlooked but is crucial in our daily lives – how to respond to arguments, fights, and disputes. Fr Richard delivered a powerful sermon that emphasized the importance of addressing these situations with compassion and mercy. The Gospel’s Teachings on…

Empty Mirror

3 September 2023

Year A

Fr Richard delivers a thought-provoking homily centered around the nature of a mirror and its ability to reverse our way of thinking. Drawing parallels to the ongoing experience of COVID-19 in NSW, the speaker reflects on past lockdowns and the new skills people had to acquire, such as cutting their own hair. Moving on to…

Mind the gap

27 August 2023

Year A

We live in an age of scientific discovery and continuing exploration. There’s a new space race and lunar exploration is back in the news. We’re also devoting resources and energy to exploring more our inner worlds as well as outer space. Do an internet search on self-help & self-discovery and you’ll get millions of hits for…

Being Catholic

20 August 2023

Year A

So welcome to Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church! Now, what does it actually mean to be a Catholic Church? Catholic means universal. Universal means everyone. Everyone is included. It dates back to St Cyril of Jerusalem in the early 2nd century. It was the first recorded use of this term catholic. And I guess…

Into stormy silence

13 August 2023

Year A

There are so many situations that we face in our lives where. It’s we’re just. Overwhelmed. But things just get too much for us and I think. Both our first reading and our gospel today, when we read the bigger context, provide those. Why does Jesus need that alone time well earlier on in the…


6 August 2023

Solemnity, Year A

Sometimes we have an experience that was so sublime, so magical, so amazing – that we struggle to even share all its details with a close friend. Even when it is photographed, and videoed, and instagrammed to within a millimetre of its life, some things can defy simple, adequate descriptions. Maybe the event wasn’t even…

The strange way of wisdom

30 July 2023

Year A

One of the things that I kind of find myself struggling with as I grow older is some of the stories that I heard and learned when I was a child, and particularly in church circles. Some of those stories about the Saints and heroes of the faith. Like the only thing that I really…

Body and Nephesh

25 June 2023

Year A

Play MP3 This year the last few Sundays seem to have been inviting us to reflect upon the very essence of who God is, how we stand in the presence of God, how we make sense of the nature, the quality of God. Last week, the Apostles were first named as such: they were sent…

Being Segullah

17 June 2023

Solemnity, Year A

I suspect that when many of us hear this kind of talk about being sent, about being called to go out to be part of the mission of Jesus, that we get very uncomfortable about that. We’re like, yeah, you know, that’s fine for the good sisters; that’s fine, maybe even for those crazy priests…

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

16 June 2023

Solemnity, Year A

The fact that we need to have this Feast day is a testament to the nature of of humanity. That the scriptures are so full of these details about the compassion of God, about the mercy of the Lord, about the Lord who is full of steadfast love, who is so committed absolutely to the…

The Lord feeds us

11 June 2023

Year A

Many polls indicate that few census Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. This may also explain why so many of the people who once gathered each Sunday to celebrate with us, have not returned after the pandemic. If you do not believe that in receiving the Eucharist you actually receive…

Compassionate and Gracious

4 June 2023

Season of Growth, Solemnity, Year A

Trinity Sunday What is God life? When I was a kid, I had a pretty clear idea. God was an old dude with a long white beard. He sat on a big golden chair. He had a kindly face, but a really short fuse. He seemed to get ticked off by almost anything at all….

Silence and Space

28 May 2023

Easter, Solemnity

I grew up in the country. I don’t think I really noticed a couple of key things until much later – because often you only notice things when they’re not there anymore. But there were two things. When you would go outside, particularly on a night like this, pretty chilly kind of night. The night…

Silence and Word

28 May 2023

Easter, Solemnity

I grew up in the country. I don’t think I really noticed a couple of key things until much later – because often you only notice things when they’re not there anymore. But there were two things. When you would go outside, particularly on a night like this, pretty chilly kind of night. The night…

Doubting faith

21 May 2023


Ascension Sunday When I was 21, I was living in a formation house as my first year of attempting to follow this desire to be a priest. Towards the end of the first year I got sick. But before I realised that I was getting sick, I had come down with Chicken pox and as…


14 May 2023


The Sixth Sunday in Easter, Year A Play MP3 | Watch video When I was a kid, I kind of grew up with a lot of science fiction as part of my diet, both in reading and and watching TV. And one of the wonderful things about sci-fi is you can kind of imagine almost…

Called and Chosen

12 May 2023


Mass from St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Campbelltown with Fr Richard Healey Friday in the Fifth Week of Easter (Friday 12 May 2023) First Reading ‡ Acts 15:22-31 It has been decided by the Holy Spirit and ourselves not to burden you beyond what is essential. Responsorial ‡ Psalm 56:8-12 I will praise you…


7 May 2023

Easter, Seasons

Easter – Sunday 5 Play MP3 Watch video Resources 00:00:00 Sometimes it can be really difficult to accept the simple claims that the gospel makes to know that we are indeed loved with this amazing intimacy of life and goodness to trust. 00:00:21 That God actually wants us to have that experience of this intimacy,…

More than enough life

30 April 2023

Easter, Seasons

Easter, Sunday 4, Year A. One of my pet peeves are the shallow stereotypes that abound around ideas of “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Tight-laced, Straight. Goody 2 shoes. Narrow. Conservative. Anti-Environment. Homophobic. Backward. It is really hard to live well against this. I’m sure you faced this often enough when you…

Hope along the road

23 April 2023

Easter, Seasons

Sunday 3 in Easter, Year A In this Catholic Mass, we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Easter with a focus on the Gospel of the road to Emmaus (Luke 24). Join us in exploring the theme of Hope along the road as we reflect on the journey of the disciples on their way to Emmaus….

Breathing Mercy

16 April 2023

Easter, Seasons

Sunday 2 in Easter – Sunday of Divine Mercy This year, during this season of Easter, we will be working our way through this first letter of Saint Peter. We don’t really know when it was written, there were no markers to kind of indicate when that happened. Peter used a secretary called Sylvanas to…

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