Prayer 101 – Learning to Pray

Prayer101-LearningtoPrayIn today’s gospel, we see Jesus arriving at the house of Martha, who in good near eastern tradition is very attentive to the hospitality of Jesus. But when Martha’s sister Mary is able to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to him while he taught, Martha remains distracted by all the serving. Mary is commended for not multi-tasking and doing the one thing that was necessary – being attentive to Jesus in prayer. For this is what prayer is all about – lifting our hearts and minds in communion to God. Following on from out four weeks looking at discipleship, this week and next we will explore what prayer is – beyond simply saying formal prayers which use the words of other people – to begin to learn how to pray – to speak from our own lives and our own experiences and create the space for God to respond.

Recorded at St Paul’s, Albion Park (9.30am; 16 mins)
Sunday 16, Year C. Luke 10:38-42

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